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How to buy your copy of the new edition of Dining with al-Qaeda

The only way to acquire a copy of the new UK paperback edition of Dining with al-Qaeda: Making Sense of the Middle East is to email me directly at hughpopebooks@gmail.com. I did list it on Amazon.co.uk until last month but this did not ship everywhere, added expense and many interested people refused on principle to buy from Amazon!

The book costs £22/€26/$31. Sending to an address in the UK adds £3 in postage, making £25. For sending to an address in Europe and the rest of the world, the cost including postage is £39/€43/$50. (The previous US rate is now no longer valid after changes in postage rates). Registered post is 5 euros extra. Payment can be made by Paypal or bank transfer in the UK, EU, Turkey or the US. Typically, delivery is made in about 10 days.

In the US it is easy to find used copies of the US hardback edition on Amazon, but be warned that the typeface is quite small (the publisher, Thomas Dunn/St Martins Press, said I either had to cut two chapters or shrink the font, and authorial pride won). The photos in the 2010 edition were also minimalist. The new edition is not only on fine 100g paper and with a much clearer typeface, but is also now accompanied by 90 large, lovingly presented images.

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