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Lunch with the publisher

Hugh and Tom Dunne

Authors love to complain about their publishers, but for me Thomas Dunne is one of the delightful exceptions, as I discovered once again in October when we lunched round the corner from Thomas Dunne/St Martins Press‘s magnificent quarters in Manhattan’s Flatiron building.

Aside from enjoying fun conversation and hearing that Dunne’s corner of the book industry is looking rosier than expected, I learned that Dining with al-Qaeda will be printed in February 2010 and in the shops from 16 March. Hooray too for a supportive publisher – after a fine second course or perhaps because they’d slipped something into his diet Coke, Dunne promised to fly me in from Istanbul to help get the word out. We will have presentations of the book in New York and Washington in the second half of March. Early orders can be placed here at Amazon.com.

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